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SVC DRAWING CIRCLE is not a thing, it is an idea, it is a happening, it is an evolution of drawing arts education, it is a community of mark makers dedicated to the art and craft of drawing and folks in love with paper. Welcome. 

SVC DRAWING CIRCLE offers a series of short classes in a variety of drawing media and techniques to both youth & adults. A variety of subject and content based short classes are also offered. Short classes typically meet one day a week for two weeks in a row. While the art and craft of drawing is stressed, there will always be a strong foundation of art historical context inserted into each class meeting. While the class times are short, the class content is full. 

SVC DRAWING CIRCLE classes are short to allow for maximum flexibility of student scheduling -- everyone has a hectic schedule and by offering quick classes in short chunks folks can cut and paste classes with content and techniques that best fit their needs and schedules. Most materials are included in course fees. Class size is extremely limited allowing for personal attention by instructor Sara V Cole and more opportunity to strengthen community with your class cohort. 

SVC DRAWING CIRCLE believes education in drawing foundations is vital for the development and maintenance of the artist and designer. Drawing is the structure and the scaffolding for all other art process - you just cannot escape the importance of drawing! For that reason, and because of all of the systemic cuts in arts education in California, SVC DRAWING CIRCLE works hard to bring drawing foundations to youth/teens as young as possible, as often as possible, as affordably as possible. Youth/Teen scholarships are available. 

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